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September 11th, 2006

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08:59 pm - :)
well i suppose, since i am the founder of this community, i should probably do the first proper post. ill take some pee pictures later on. right now im just filling up ;)

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Date:October 2nd, 2006 02:45 pm (UTC)
I do have a story for you (sorry for my poor english) ; about one year ago my girl friend asked me to tied her for kinky games, plus I blind her with some things on her eyes, at one point I put my dick on her face and pour some beer in her mouth to pretend I was pissing, I saw it excite her so I decide to piss for real ( it was a bit scary because we never did or talk about it before, plus I needed to not have a hard one), so I did it and even with something on her eyes I saw she was very surprise to have real piss in her mouth but she did drink it after while but later spit the extra shot then I just keep pissing on her face, eventually (pretending I was the owner of her appartement)I came in her mouth(to get the rent paid)and she had to drink it too. But after the experience she said she don’t like it so much even if it did excite her.
One month ago I for second time I piss on her in shower, she was very stoned and put her on her knee, turned of the shower and start to urine on her face, she did not open her mouth, but still was very sensual to see the liquid pouring on her cheeks and lips, later she said she let me do because she was stoned.
But 2 days ago in bed half asleep she told me keep some piss for the night, it gave me fantasies and in the night I asked “do we do it do you want to drink me now”, but she was death asleep but asked her “is it ok if tomorrow morning I piss in a glass and you drink all of it”, she said "yes", so the morning I took a glass put it against her cheek and fill it, she took it and said “maybe it will make me puke” and start to drink it slowly, when she finished to empty it she didn’t puke at all and said she love the taste and even more the after taste and ask for one more glass, all that make us very horny … that was quite a sexy morning, the afternoon she called me to said that or she loves me very much or that she is a very dirty person…

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